Nostalgic Journey

Japanese-Era Buildings in Hualien

2018 / 9月

文‧Camille Kuo 圖‧Chuang Kung-ju

“The wise love water, the benevolent love the mountains.” It just so happens that of the two main north‡south roads through Hualien County, one follows the coast while the other runs between two mountain ranges. This month, our occasional “Cycling Taiwan” series takes us to Provincial Highway 9, which passes between the Central and Coastal Ranges. Just as the benevolent embrace all things, so has Hualien’s East Rift Valley embraced all manner of architectural styles over the last century.

Trista Wu, owner of “Time 1939” bookstore, says: “I only started because I love this old house.” Our reason for getting on the road was just as simple: We love old Japanese­-style houses. So come with us as we follow in the footsteps of Japanese immigrants of yester­year and ­cycle through Hua­lien, a paradise filled with Japanese style.

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