The Soldiers


2019 / September

Chang Liang-i /photos courtesy of Tien Yu-hua, Hang Dah-­parng, and Chang ­Liang-i /tr. by Phil Newell

“The Soldiers” is a collection of photographic works by Tien Yu-hua, Hang Dah-­parng, and Chang ­Liang-i, who belonged to different units during their military service, with Tien stationed on the offshore island of ­Matsu, Hang at the Cheng­gong­ling recruit training center, and ­Chang in the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command. The three photographers use the first person to relate young Taiwanese men’s collective memories of military service, their works emphasizing how every person, even when a soldier, is still a flesh-and-blood individual who retains his distinctive­ness. This interpretation is far removed from stock military imagery that emphasizes the collective and minimizes individuality and emotion. At the same time, the works undertake a deconstruction and reconstruction of the image of soldiers.

In the late 1980s, martial law and the ban on new politi­cal parties were lifted in Taiwan, ushering in demo­cracy and freedom in society at large. But the military still remained quite conservative. In the early 1990s, contacts and discussions began between the two sides across the Taiwan Strait, and mainland China and Taiwan set up the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits and the Straits Exchange Foundation, respectively, as channels for communication. In the mid-1990s, during Taiwan’s first direct presidential elections, the Chinese military conducted missile test launches and large-scale military exercises near Taiwan, and there was a period of tense confrontation. These photographs, taken from the early to mid-1990s, are an authentic record of the lives and faces of the youthful Taiwanese soldiers who stood ready to defend their country and loved ones during this period of turbulence in cross-strait relations.

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文・張良一 翻訳・山口 雪菜






文‧張良一 圖‧田裕華、杭大鵬、張良一

「田裕華 杭大鵬 張良一的軍旅映象 」攝影作品,由三位共同作者在部隊服役時,分別從外島馬祖、成功嶺新兵訓練中心和陸軍航空特戰等不同單位,用第一人稱述說著台灣男子服兵役的集體記憶。攝影作品強調身為一個人,即使身分為軍人,還是有血有肉的活生生個體,仍保有其獨特性,這與制式的國軍影像強調集體、去個人化、去情感,有著非常不一樣的詮釋,同時也對阿兵哥的形象進行解構以及再重現。


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