A Different Kind of Soft Power


2018 / April

Chen Chun-fang /photos courtesy of GFCBW /tr. by Geof Aberhart

The Global Federation of Chinese Business Women brings together leading ethnic Chinese businesswomen from around the world to promote their place in business, as well as doing philanthropic work and contributing to diaspora affairs. Through these efforts, it has become a for­mid­able female force in civic diplomacy.

Previously the federation had drawn its chairwomen from its Taiwanese membership, but in 2016 it broke with this tradition to appoint its first overseas­-based chairwoman, Li Shu-ying. A long-time resident of the United States, Li started her career as a dance teacher before moving into hos­pit­ality, working her way up from the front desk and room service to become a hotel manager. Today she runs her own chain of several hotels. In this article we take a look at the challenges faced by ethnic Chinese businesswomen through the experiences of Li Shu-ying.


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