Huang Cheng-yuan: The Power of Simplicity


2017 / February

Esther Huang /photos courtesy of Huang Cheng-yuan /tr. by Jonathan Barnard

He was a country boy who set his sights on becoming an artist when he was ten, went north for his education, received an unexpected cultural baptism while pursuing graduate studies in the United States, and then returned to Taiwan to be pulled between idealism and pragmatism. From his series of works “Lion’s Roar,” “Restless,” “Coffee” and “Embrace,” to the oddly heterogeneous world of “Canvas of the Arcana,” his long journey of self-exploration bears witness to the continual self-refinement of an artist. Marvelously combining modern abstract painting with traditional East-Asian ink-wash painting, the middle-aged Taiwanese painter ­Huang ­Cheng-yuan is a farmer who has come to turn the soil of artistic expression.

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