A Bridge Between Cultures


2018 / June

Sanya Huang /photos courtesy of Jimmy Lin /tr. by Geof Aberhart

Language is an important medium for the transmission of an ethnic group’s history and culture, as well as a reflection of their customs and way of thinking. However, becoming proficient in a foreign language is often a long and challenging journey.

Nguyen Thi My Huong, who was born in Vietnam, has dedicated over a decade to learning Chinese, overcoming cultural clashes and numerous frustrations along the way. Now she has laid a strong enough foundation that she is a capable translator between the Chinese and Vietnamese languages. Currently the director of the Center for Vietnamese Studies at National University of Kao­hsiung, she not only uses her own experience to help students studying the two languages, but also actively promotes the Taiwan Vietnamese Proficiency Test, works with “new immigrants,” and works to advance commercial exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam.


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