A "Living" Museum of Trains


2017 / November

Cathy Teng /photos courtesy of Jimmy Lin

Following the traffic circle around Tai­pei’s historic North Gate, one catches sight of the old Taiwan Railways Administration building to the roundabout’s northwest. With brick and half-timbered walls and protruding towers to the right and left of the entrance, the two-story building with a dormered third floor is an example of Tudor-revival Japanese colonial architecture. It’s a beautiful building that features prominently in the memories of many long-time Tai­pei residents.

Meanwhile the Tai­pei Railway Workshop, located in eastern Tai­pei across from the Living Mall, was built as the TRA’s center of train repair when the area was still on the outskirts of the city. This industrial complex became a second home of sorts to the workers who inspected, maintained and repaired train cars and locomotives there.


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