Taiwanese Firms in Cambodia


2018 / December

Esther Tseng /photos courtesy of Lin Min-hsuan /tr. by Jonathan Barnard

According to the World Bank, Cambodia managed a high average growth rate of 7.7% from 1995 to 2017 by relying on the economic pillars of construction, tourism and export-oriented clothing manufacture. Taiwanese firms have played important roles in fueling Cambodia’s economic growth.

To understand how Taiwanese companies are faring in Cambodia, we visited Gin-Sovann Fashion (Cambodia) Ltd., a subsidiary of Tainan Enterprises, as well as one of the Cambodian factories of the ­Sheico Group, the world’s largest maker of water-­sports clothing. These plants take advantage of the low ­tariffs levied by the EU and the United States on goods from Cambodia, deftly leveraging the global supply chain to their maximum benefit.


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